RMTA Series 1

RMTA:The Rocky Mountain Trials Association had a great start to the season on Sunday April 24th with round 1 in Howard, CO at Turkey Rock. The weather was good with just a little bit of wind, but that didn’t stop the riders from coming out to show their skills, with 17 Junior riders 14 of them on OSET Bikes and 2 on Strider Bikes! It’s great to see out Junior riders out there practicing, especially with only 2 more events until the Western Women’s and Youth Nationals coming up in June.  


Junior X Results
1st place Jeremy Amos 10 
2nd place Coen Fricke 11 
3rd place Riley Wickersham 14 
4th place Barrett Poupore 18 

Junior A
1st place Eli Winder 28
2nd place Bryce Fricke 42
Noa Winder 50

Junior B
1st Idris Acklin 11
2nd Brody Vankirk 26
3rd Clay Willett 27
4th Thomas Kealy 27
5th BraydenWickersham 28
6th Dominic Bosco 29
7th Brayton Vankirk 45
8th Amelia Reitz 47

1st Connor Busch 0
2nd Ariah Sinks 12


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