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OSET is the world leader in the design and manufacture of electric trials, dirt and motocross motorcycles. The range of OSET electric bikes is always being developed, with ten bikes currently available - catering to riders from 3-18, and beyond! OSETs are proven in competitions, taking multiple national level victories against petrol powered machines.

OSETs are recognised globally as the best bikes for children to learn and improve their skills and being fully electric they are silent, meaning riders can use them everyday in their back yard without causing any noise disruption

We have over 2000 customer videos on YouTube and fantastic reviews on our Facebook page

To buy an OSET bike or for more infomation, please get in touch with your local dealer
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Customer Reviews


I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be/REeeYtp-8qE?a Storm the Embassy

14:36 PM Dec 14th

I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be/OPKLZFbnIgg?a Kid Riding Oset 12.5 Electric Trials Bike

14:36 PM Dec 14th

Kids have got it so easy! Wish i had an @OSETbikes when I was a kid. A quick look around the new MX10 pic.twitter.com/H7dWpuOmJb

11:28 AM Dec 14th