The Camborne and Redruth Club held Round 6 of the Cornwall Oset Cup at The United Downs Raceway, near St Day on Saturday 25th September. Initial mist quickly cleared and 32 riders faced 8 sections over three laps in dry conditions. New riders again joined this series of Oset Cup events and William Lewis age 6 yrs and Samuel Mcdonald age 5 yrs were made most welcome. Sadly, after nearly 10 years, this may be the last time this venue will be used as attempts are being made to build a geo-thermal rum distillery at the Raceway. There is of course opposition to this and our Oset riders have previously been filmed by the BBC for a documentary to try and save this venue. Today local radio stations attended to speak with lease owners, organisers and Oset riders where 12 yr Isabel Polkinghorne spoke fluently and passionately of the benefits of Oset Cup events and the importance of suitable safe venues for such events. Isabel features as our story header.
Today's trial in dry conditions saw the Hard Course much harder than usual and heavy losses were made by the top Oset riders. 55 marks saw Samuel Millmore emerge the victor 8 marks clear of Jacob McCoan who managed to just keep 3 marks ahead of next placed Harvey Sanders. Section 2, a difficult adverse climb on a steep bank narrowly between trees quickly sorted the Hard Course riders where Samuel lost just 5 marks to Jacob's 9, and Harvey's 11 and next place rider George Turner 13.

The Medium Course saw Isabel Polkinghorne the lone contender in the 12yr class. The 9 yr group was better supported and Championship Leader in this class saw Riley Holloway take the win on 12 marks but only 7 marks adrift was Jack Kilby now getting to grips on his new Oset 24 . Today's medium course was well depleted with many having prior commitments but riding the same course 5yr old Kyle Bateman did well to finish on just 16 marks with Riley Wales in second place on 35.

Jack Kilby climbing the results on his new 24 !!

Cornwall picture 2

The Easy Course lived up to it's name and saw some low scores where 8 yr old George Smith incurred just 2 single dabs as did Cody Holloway in the 7 yr class. Henry Smith won the 6 yr group but the best ride must go to 5 yr Finley Wilson where he lost just one mark at Section 2 on the first lap and remained clean thereafter. Second 5 yr old Archer Tripconey just stayed 2 marks ahead of newcomer Samuel Mcdonald.

Archer Tripconey putting on the style.

Cornwall picture 4
Hard Course : Samuel Millmore 55, Jacob McCoan 63, Harvey Sanders 66, George Turner 80
Medium Course by age:
12 yrs Isabel Polkinghorne 28
9yrs Riley Holloway 12, Jack Kilby 19, Andrew Hancock 25, Dexter Tripconey 31, William Bloomfield 32
7yrs Charlie Harris 15
5yrs Kyle Bateman 16, Riley Wales 35
Easy Course by age:
8yrs George Smith 2
7yrs Cody Holloway 2
6yrs Henry Smith 19
5yrs Finley Wilson 1, Archer Tripconey 9, Samuel Mcdonald 11, Zander Trewin 19
Round 7 of the Cornwall Oset Cup will take place at Trebarrow, Bugle PL26 8RJ on Saturday 30th October.