Cornwall OSET Cup 2022 Round 1
29th January 2022
(Spring/Summer Series)

The first round of the Cornwall OSET Cup sadly didn't go as planned with no less than 9 regular OSET Cup riders either sidelined or forced to withdraw because of positive Covid tests and organisers wish them all a speedy recovery.
28 riders did manage to make it to the start at Burthy Row Farm, Fraddon and completed 3 laps of 8 sections all quite muddy and slippery as none of the ground had dried out since the OSET Charity Team Trial at this venue in December. The Cornwall OSET cup contenders are getting used to the rain and wet conditions and this was another day of heavy drizzle but there were plenty of smiling faces and many gentle spills in the mud.
Four new OSET riders were welcomed to the series, 11 year old Luka Boehm on his OSET 24 Junior, 10 year old Billy Tappin also on a 24 , 8 year old Idris Chapman on a 20R and 5 year old Harry Jarman on a 12.5 all four liked the event and will certainly be back for more.


Newcomer Idris Chapman.


Newcomer William Lewis


Newcomer Luka Boehm !!!


OSET Hard Course -, Samuel Millmore 12, Jacob McCoan 32, George Turner 49

Medium Course by age:

13 yrs Isabel Polkinghorne 56
10 yrs Billy Tappin 47


Newcomer Billy "Tappin" into the action !!

9 yrs Andrew Hancock 27, , Jack Kilby 30, William Bloomfield 40, George Smith 45
6 yrs Josh Dustow 31, Charlie Riddell 35, Riley Wales 38, Sam McDonald 40, Finley Wilson 55

P1060287 2

Polkinghorne Air launching !!

Easy Course by age:

8 yrs Idris Chapman 73,Joshua Jarman 83
7yrs Henry Smith 31
6 yr, William Lewis 8, Jasper Gelpy-Smith 19, Archer Tripconey 50
5 yrs Zander Trewin 78, Harry Jarman 87

Round 2 of the Cornwall OSET Cup will be at United Downs Raceway TR16 5HU on Saturday 26th February 2022