Report Cornwall OSET & Youth Team Trial 2021


The Camborne and Redruth MC held the annual John Julian OSET & Youth Charity Team Trial on Saturday 11th December at Burthy Row Farm, Fraddon. This annual one-off event raises significant money for the Cornwall Children’s Hospice and is always popular for everyone with many raffle prizes, games and of course the important Team Trial. This is run totally different to the usual Cornwall OSET Cup series. Each Team consists of an Expert Youth Team Captain on a petrol bike, a second petrol bike youth and then a OSET Hard Course rider, an OSET Medium Course rider and to complete the Team an OSET Easy Course rider. The Team Captain is responsible for looking after his/her team throughout the day, always encouraging and supporting them. This is great for young OSET riders to ride with older youth riders and see themselves what they may aspire to. All the Youth Experts and other petrol class riders have all started on OSET’s and moved up through OSET 16's and 20's which is one of the Cornwall OSET & Youth rules that no one can enter this series on a petrol machine unless they have come up through the OSET route first.



Seven teams of 5 riders completed 3 laps of 8 sections, each team staying together and completing each section together before moving on to the next section. As has been typical for most of the OSET Cup events in 2021 it again rained but this didn't deter our keen OSET riders, but the sections were particularly muddy and slippery.


CODY HOLLOWAY in control !!!

The winning team with 221 marks was Team 'Jowan' - with Jowan Powell, Samuel Millmore, Samuel McDonald, William Lewis and Jasper Gelpy-Smith

2nd place with 232 marks was Team 'Finlay' - with Finlay Rule, William Allen, Matthew Allen, Charlie Harris and Edward Chumbley-Jasper

3rd place with 250 marks was Team 'Josh.P' - with Josh Pengilly, Jack Roberts, Riley Holloway, Charlotte Dustow, Josh Dustow and Cody Holloway.

There were some notable rides by OSET riders, and these were Art Knowles riding the same sections as the petrol boys and lost 26 on the first lap, 20 on the second and 21 on the third. Samuel Millmore also on an OSET and riding the petrol sections had an outstanding day beating some petrol class riders to lose just 6, 11 and 7. Another consistent ride was Charlie Harris on the OSET Medium route to lose 16, 16 and 10 but the best OSET rider on this route was Riley Holloway on 4, 10 and 7. Another rider worthy of mention was Samuel McDonald on the OSET Easy Course (but riding a TRS 16) had a great day losing just 4,6 and 8.


JACK KILBY finding grip !!!

Great experience for all the OSET riders and their efforts contributed to raising £1020 for the Children’s Hospice. A big Thank You must also go to OSET Bikes UK for kindly donating a quantity of OSET clothing for raffle prizes and a few OSET 'goody' bags.

Howard Stevens
CRMC Chairman

Congratulations from all at OSET BIKES Ltd on a fantastic job. Howard and his team put in a lot of effort every year for great causes and £1020 is  nothing short of awesome !!!!!