MK Offroad And North Berks Mcc OSET CUP


 MK Off Road OSET Cup Championship.

Saturday 13th November
Seymours Arena, Oxfordshire

Firstly, a huge thank you to Secretary Sue, Stu, Mark, Todd & all at North Berks Mcc for their hard work, help and massive support for our OSET cup series.
Thank you to the observers who we’re Krysti & Mark Anderson, Derek Dodd, Alicia Robinson & Callum, Kelly & Zach Reynolds and of course my wife & daughter Caz & Kayleigh. And of course, thankyou to Simon Armstrong & OSET bikes for everything they do.

After rounds 1-3 at Leamington Spa, it was felt one more round was needed to put the icing on the cake of the series. We have attended lots of events at Seymours arena, with round 1 of the British ladies & girl’s championship traditionally kicking off there. It’s a fantastic venue and like Leamington’s field, is easy to get around for parents and the little riders.

The 37 riders were raring to go after Stu Robinson’s riders briefing, with scattered starts around the arena. There was a route for everyone with a huge variety of scores. Tommy Tidd cleaned the white route again to cement his championship win in the youth E class, which had 8 riders. Harry Brookes was just behind with 2 dropped. With Tommy Sturgess, who haven’t missed a round with their lovely family in 3rd place. We had a new rider to the series, Eddy Tillings on his 12.5 racing. Little Eddy, like his sister Milly are certinately stars for the future!

Beginner route D class top 3 was William Pollington, Emily Thompson & Sophie Longdon. Abigail Clark entered and had a ride but unfortunately didn’t feel well. Get well soon Abigail! Stacey Finch was the sole youth C rider and looks to have made great progress in her riding since we last saw her.

Easy route youth E had two entries and the result was familiar, with Freddie Green taking the win followed by the impressive Tommy Wakeford.

Easy route youth D had a good entry of 8 riders. The yellow route was possibly easier than normal, but hopefully all had a good ride. Ryan Spink scored lowest on 4, followed by superstar Daisy Brookes on 6 points. Oliver Edmonds was 3rd, just one behind Daisy on 7.

Max Surridge had a good ride on the route, winning the youth C route with ease cleaning the trial. Max &his family we’re stuck in horrendous traffic on the M4 on the way but got round in plenty of time! Kasia Pekala-Dayment was 2nd with just 2 dropped, and Taylor Jempson was 3rd onboard his OSET 24.0, dropping just 7.

The medium route was a little harder than usual but that didn’t put off recently turned 5 years old Harvey Reynolds! He tackled the course with a smile on his face. A lot of it was a bit much for his OSET 16’s small wheels, but there we’re some fantastic rides there with some low scores, especially on sections 1&2.

Youth D medium route was won by George Wareing on 16 with some impressive riding from the 6 years old. Our son Jack tied with George on 16, with George having more cleans (& Jack excluded anyway) 2nd place was the very impressive Stefan Williams, who hasn’t ridden much lately, but really pushed his OSET 20 around the tough course. 3rd was Bradley Entwistle, riding his first trial and riding fantastic. Special mention for Maisie Morris who came all the way from South Wales. This is her first year competing, and with some impressive skill too. Maisie could be one to watch in the Girls British championships in the future.

Benjamin Whitehouse was medium route youth C winner, who has grown about 2ft taller since was last saw him! Ben is always improving on his OSET 24.0,

The hard route was won by British champion Sam Lefevre, dropping only 8 points. Alfie Shaw was 2nd. Alfie has amazing ability and he lights up any trial he goes to with his lovely, friendly attitude.

Two special mentions here. Firstly, for Ruben Howling and Tommy Tidd. I was joined by Tommy when collecting the flags in on section 1, he pulled up hundreds of flags for me and placed them neatly in the wheelbarrow. We were both then joined by Ruben and it wasn’t long before I had them on wheelbarrow duty! At 4&5 years old their keenness to help goes a long way. It shows the sport has a bright future and for me, is at the very least equal to their amazing riding ability.

Secondly, we had 12 girls enter. Our daughter Kayleigh rides in the girl’s British championships, and we, like the other parents are always actively encouraging girls and their parents to give the championship a go. To get 12 enter at the grassroots of the sport with an OSET cup shows that there is some future for the girl’s championship. I was so pleased that Alicia Robinson came, observed, and then rode with Kayleigh after the trial. The young one’s were watching with amazement at Alicia’s skill, clapping her all the way and having photos with both girls. Alicia and Kayleigh both started on OSET’s, much like the 12 girls riding and while Kayleigh is still herself up and coming, Alicia is one of the top female riders in the world. I hope seeing her inspired them and reminded them that they can achieve anything.

Please keep an eye on North Berks Mcc’s social media page and website

The club run club trials, practice days, the world famous super trial, and usually the first round of the ladies & girls British championships. Please support them and get down to the arena again soon!


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