Cornwall OSET Cup Winter series

The first round of the Cornwall Oset Cup Winter Championship was held on 28th November at Garker, St Austell in true wintery conditions with heavy rain and high winds throughout the day. 30 riders competed and all the Oset bikes coped well with the very wet and muddy sections.

(Results 1st,2nd and third only)

Hard Course.

9 years - 1st Joshua Pengilly - 9 marks lost

years - Finley Franks - 45 marks lost, 2nd Johnathan Hancock 53 marks lost, 3rd Joshua Sarsero-James 65 marks lost.

 Medium Course.

9 years - 1st Iris Richards - 9 marks lost

8 years - 1st Sam Hartland - 22 marks lost

7 years - 1st Ronnie Richards - 14 marks lost

6 years - 1st Jowan

Davis - 6 marks lost,2nd Jory Wilcox-Sleep 52 marks lost, 3rd Jack Pengilly 72 marks lost.

5 years - 1st Ted Youlden-Moyle 78 marks lost (a very good result for a 5 year old on this course).

 Easy Course.

years - 1st Tom Gibbins - 23 marks lost, 2nd Jamie Goss 41 marks lost, 3rd Lewis Dingle 46 marks lost.

4 years - 1st Alfie Brown - 21 marks lost, 2nd Isaac Brazier 37 marks lost, 3rd Leon Thomas 53 marks lost.

The 2nd Round will be held on Monday 28th December at Redruth and this will also be the Annual Christmas and Fancy Dress Trial with additional prizes for Best Dressed Rider and Best Dressed Bike in each age group from 4-11 years.