Cornwall OSET Cup Summer Championship - The Results!

Round 6 and final round of the Cornwall Oset Cup Summer Championship was held at Burthy Row Farm on Saturday 27th October. 44 riders turned up to take part on the day in very cold and wet conditions with frequent hail storms throughout the afternoon which made the three laps of 10 sections harder than usual. The results of the trial are as follows:-

Hard Course

Jack Roberts 33,

Ted Youlden-Moyle 37,

Jack Pengilly 42, 

William Manley 61,

Tom Powell 74

Medium Course (by age group, 1st places only)

10 yrs Tom Luscombe 12

9 yrs  Christopher Crockett-Cameron 26

8 yrs Jamie Goss 15

7 yrs Carter Mitchell and Matthew Allen both 25

Easy Course (by age group,1st & 2nd places only)

8 yrs Jonah Pryor 21. Charlie Martin 78

7 yrs Jacob McCoan 12, Jago Leary 16

6 yrs Harrison Atkins 22, Dexter Tripconey 23

4 yrs Theo Dent 60, Perran Atkins 75

OSET Cup Summer Championship

Hard Course.

Arraon Watson 67,

Jack Pengilly 63

Medium Course (by age group 1st places only)

10 yrs Tom Luscombe 60

9  yrs Christopher Crockett-Cameron 60

8 yrs  Jamie Goss 75

7 yrs  Carter Mitchell 75

Easy Course (by age group (1st and 2nd places only)

7 yrs Tyler Kemp and Jacob McCoan both 69, both 3 x 1st and 2 x 2nd)

6 yrs Harrison Atkins 54, Dexter Tripconey 52

5 yrs Samuel Millmore 69, Frank Randall 54

The Cornwall OSET Cup Winter Championship starts on Saturday 24th November at Trebarrow, Bugle PL26 8RJ. Caterer and toilet on site, entries close at 12.45 and trial starts at 1.0pm.