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OSET Electric Bikes - Showcase

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Welcome to OSET Bikes Downunder

distributed by AUS-EMoto.au in Australia

OSET are world leaders in electric trials, off road and motocross motorcycles for children from the age of 3 to adults

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Our electric motorcycles are recognised globally as the best bikes for children to learn and improve their motorbike skills and being electric they have no hot parts, require no petrol, produce no fumes and are virtually silent, meaning riders can use them everyday in places other bikes cannot go

All our electric motorcycles are competition proven and have won multiple youth championships around the world and are the first choice for anyone interested in trials and competitive riding. All OSET electric motorcycles are designed and manufactured to the highest possible standards and specification

OSET Bikes DownUnder are all about getting Aussie Kids on bikes, encouraging the future of motorcycling in Australia and the World from enthusiast through to professional level racers; Australian riders have continued to show they have what it takes to take on the world given the right opportunity, a tradition we aim to nurture!

Give Kid's a HEAD START in Motorcycling!!

OSET Electric Bikes offer an environmentally friendly introduction to motorcycling from 2 years up to 16+, through the technique based discipline of trials motorcycling, where balance, brake and throttle control are the challenge instead of speed. These skills are essential and the character builders for absolutely ALL other disciplines of motorcycling whether it be Dirt track, MX, Enduro, Speedway or Road Racing.

Personally we continue to have an amazing life and career through motorcycling, as a family hobby through to World Champion and beyond; just the sheer pleasure, friendships and memories a motorcycle can encourage are amazing!

On Any Sunday or any other day!

Cheers Pete & Kim Goddard.